Conference Schedule

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Saturday March 12

  Room 1 Room 2
8:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:00 Opening Notes
9:10 Petascale genomics Sean Owen
9:45 Coffee
10:00 Understanding the tech community through notebooks Friso van Vollenhoven Finding relations in documents with IEPY Daniel Moisset
10:45 How big are your banks? Because the ones in the U.S. are pretty big! David R. Pugh Using random search for efficient hyper-parameters optimization with H2O Jo-fai Chow
11:30 Julia for Data Analysis: features, interfaces and future directions Simon Byrne Do Angry People Have Poor Grammar? An Exploration of Language Processing and Statistics in Python Ben Fields
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Realtime Bayesian A-B testing with Spark Streaming Dennis Bohle, Ben Teeuwen Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn Andreas Mueller
13:45 CART: Not only Classification and Regression Trees Marc Garcia
14:30 more psychologists need to learn python – programming as a perspective on the world Titus von Köller Data driven literary analysis: an unsupervised approach to text analysis and classification Serena Peruzzo
15:15 Running (snippets of) Python in the browser Almar Klein `from __past__ import print_statement`: a Dadaist Rejection of Python 2 vs 3 James Powell
15:45 Coffee
16:00 From Data Science to Production - deploy, scale, enjoy! Sergii Khomenko Building a live face recognition system in the blink of a very slow eye Rodrigo Agundez
16:45 Winning Ways for Your Visualization Plays Mark Grundland
17:30 Eneco Drinks n’ Data Intro
17:45 Drinks

Sunday March 13

  Room 1 Room 2
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 The PyData stack state of the union Peadar Coyle
9:45 Contributing to open source Panel discussion The Duct Tape of Heroes: Bayes Rule. Vincent Warmerdam
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Networks meet Finance in Python Miguel Vaz Pandas: from bdate_range to wide_to_long Giovanni Lanzani
11:30 Tools and Tricks from a Pragmatic Data Scientist Lucas Bernardi
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Jupyter: Notebooks in Multiple Languages for Data Science Thomas Kluyver, Min Ragan-Kelley Hybrid Recommender Systems in Python Maciej Kula
13:45 Improving PySpark Performance: Spark performance beyond the JVM Holden Karau Explaining the idea behind Automatic Relevance Determination and Bayesian Interpolation Florian Wilhelm
14:30 Measuring Search Engine Quality using Spark and Python Sujit Pal NoSQL Python: making data frames work for you in a non-rectangular world Aileen Nielsen
15:15 The Role of Python in the Oil & Gas Industry Giuseppe Pagliuca Store and manage data effortlessly with HDF5 Margaret Mahan
16:00 Coffee
16:15 Gotta catch'em all: recognizing sloppy work in crowdsourcing tasks Maciej Gryka Python based predictive analytics with GraphLab Create Danny Bickson
17:00 Lightning Talks
17:50 Closing Notes