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General Sessions — Wednesday Oct. 17, 2018

  Central Park West (#6501) Central Park East (#6501a) Radio City (#6604) Belasco (#6203) Jacobs (#6110)
8:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00 AM

Opening Notes - Lauren Oldja

9:15 AM Beginner’s guide to being open (source) in the traditionally secretive field of quantitative finance Jess Stauth


10:00 AM Words in Space: A Visual Exploration of Distance, Documents, and Distributions for Text Analysis Rebecca Bilbro Practical advice on speeding up numerical code Marcin Elantkowski Scaling-Out Data Analytics in Python Oleksandr Pavlyk Teaching Software Best Practices for Reproducible Science Chaya D. Stern Installation Help for Masterclasses Jane Stewart Adams
10:40 AM

Coffee Break

10:50 AM 10 Guidelines for A/B Testing Emily Robinson Word2Vec 4 GIFs Anthony Johnson Creating a Data-Driven Product Culture Hillary Green-Lerman Unconference Track You!
11:30 AM Using dask for large systems of financial models Petr Wolf, Dhivya Shankaranarayan Python on Windows is Okay, Actually Steve Dower Scaling Interactive Pandas workflows with Modin Devin Petersohn
12:10 PM


1:10 PM The Business of Open Source Travis Oliphant


1:55 PM


2:05 PM What Data Scientists Really Do, According to 50 Data Scientists Hugo Bowne-Anderson Tidy and beautiful: Visualizing Bayesian models with xarray and ArviZ Colin Carroll The Value of Null Results Angel D'az Unconference Track You!
2:45 PM Improving Breast Cancer Screening Compliance with Python Piero Ferrante Developing Dashboard Applications using Bokeh Luke Canavan The TileDB Array Data Storage Manager Stavros Papadopoulos, Jake Bolewski Master Class: Bayesian Statistics (Beginner Track) Sean Talts Discussion: What’s Missing in Python and Data Online Resources? Debra Williams Cauley
3:25 PM

Networking Break

3:40 PM Time Series Forecasting using Statistical and Machine Learning Models: When and How Jeffrey Yau Evolving Behavioral Energy Data Science with AMI data and Big Data Processing Framework Erica Swanson The lifecycle of Artificial Intelligence with IBM's Deep Learning as a Service Justin McCoy Unconference Track You!
4:20 PM Generational changes in support for gun laws: a case study in computational statistics Allen Downey Target Leaks: What They Are, and How to Not Have Them Lauren Oldja Deploying Data Science for Distribution of The New York Times Anne Bauer
5:00 PM

Lightning Talks


5:45 PM

Networking Reception hosted by Flatiron Health - 7th Floor Terrace, Microsoft

8:30 PM

General Sessions — Thursday Oct. 18, 2018

  Central Park West (#6501) Central Park East (#6501a) Radio City (#6604) Belasco (#6203) Jacobs (#6110)
8:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:15 AM Why I Use Julia For Quantum Physics Katharine Hyatt


10:00 AM A Bluffer's Guide to Dimension Reduction Leland McInnes Train, Evaluate, Repeat: Building a Credit Card Fraud Detection System Leela Senthil Nathan End to End Data Science Without Leaving The GPU Randy Zwitch Unconference Track You!
10:40 AM

Coffee Break

10:50 AM Data Science in Healthcare: Beyond the Hype Michael Becker Contributing to Open Source: A Guide Paul Ganssle Using embeddings to understand the variance and evolution of data science skill sets Maryam Jahanshahi Unconference Track You!
11:30 AM Two Years of Bayesian Bandits for E-Commerce Austin Rochford Measuring Model Fairness J. Henry Hinnefeld Contract testing in Python for a data science API J. Scott Hajek Panel Discussion: My First Open Source Contribution Samuel Brice, Katharine Hyatt, Paul Ganssle, Travis Oliphant


12:10 PM Lunch Panel: Data Science at SparkBeyond Kitu Kumar, Patrick Gallagher, Ryan Grosso
1:20 PM The new kid on the block - deep learning with GluonNLP Sneha Jha Intake - taking the pain out of data access Martin Durant How to spend ¾ of your yearly budget in 3 weeks: a PySpark cautionary tale Nicole Carlson Unconference Track You!
2:00 PM pandas : Integer NA as a first class citizen Jeff Reback Graph Analytics: From the Whiteboard to Your Toolbox Sam Lerma You are not a computer: Python, dynamical systems, and radical embodied cognitive science Henry S. Harrison Unconference Track You!
2:40 PM Repeatable Data Setup for Repeatable Science using Julia Sebastin Santy Reliably forecasting time-series in real-time Charles Masson Functional Programming for Data Scientists Santiago Basulto Master Class: Toward a Principled Bayesian Workflow Michael Betancourt Master Class: Python Virtual Environments (Pro Track) Leif Walsh
3:20 PM

Networking Break

3:40 PM Iodide and Pyodide: Bringing Data Science Computation to the Web Browser Michael Droettboom Skein: a simpler way to deploy applications on Apache YARN Jim Crist Unit Testing for Data Scientists Hanna Torrence Unconference Track You!
4:20 PM HDBSCAN, fast density based clustering, the how and the why John Healy James Powell Run Numba functions in SQLite: WTF? Phillip Cloud
5:00 PM A data scientist's guide to production web apps with Flask Ali Vanderveld Unit Testing Data with Marbles Jane Stewart Adams, Leif Walsh Conda-forge: community-driven packaging that works for you Marius van Niekerk PyData Pop Quiz James Powell


5:40 PM

Closing Notes - Lauren Oldja, Eric Fulmer


6:00 PM

Tutorial Sessions — Friday Oct. 19, 2018

  Central Park West (#6501) Central Park East (#6501a) Radio City (#6604) Belasco (#6203)
8:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00 AM Introduction to Big Data Processing using Spark and Python Raoul-Gabriel Urma Up your Bus Number: A Reproducible Data Science Workflow Kjell Wooding, Amy Wooding Hierarchical Probabilistic Modelling in Real Life Benjamin Batorsky, Matthew Moocarme, Ph.D.


10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM Open the Black Box: an Introduction to Model Interpretability with LIME and SHAP Kevin Lemagnen Network Science, Game of Thrones and US Airports Mridul Seth Crunching your data with CatBoost - the new Gradient Boosting library Vasily Ershov Hands-On Packaging with Conda-Forge Marius van Niekerk, Christopher J Wright
12:15 PM


1:15 PM Making Faces: Conditional generation of faces using GANs via Keras+Tensorflow Sophia R Searcy, Justin Blinder Building Fair AI models Moninder Singh Going beyond “Sorry, I didn’t get that”: building AI assistants that scale using machine learning Justina Petraitytė


2:45 PM

Coffee Break

3:00 PM Scale PyData with Dask Matthew Rocklin Counting Your Customers the Hard Way: Modeling Software-as-a-Serivce Usage and Churn with PyMC3 Anthony Alford


4:30 PM



5:00 PM

Mini Sprint — Sunday Oct. 21, 2018

12:00 PM

Mini Sprint

6:00 PM

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