Thursday 3:40 PM–4:20 PM in Central Park West (#6501)

Iodide and Pyodide: Bringing Data Science Computation to the Web Browser

Michael Droettboom

Audience level:


An introduction to Iodide and Pyodide: tools for doing data science entirely in the web browser.


We will present a case study of how rearchitecting our data science tools to move computation into the web browser has improved collaboration among data scientists at Mozilla, and in the broader open source community.

Computational notebooks based on the traditional client/server model (such as Jupyter, Zeppelin, etc.) require specialized IT resources to deploy, which makes it harder for data scientists to replicate and reuse each others’ work, whether on the open web or behind a corporate firewall. The Iodide project provides a development environment where computation happens entirely in the web browser, making sharing as simple as posting content to a website.

The project has 3 components:

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