Wednesday 10:50 AM–11:30 AM in Radio City (#6604)

Creating a Data-Driven Product Culture

Hillary Green-Lerman

Audience level:


Learn how to properly collect usage data, relate it to product goals, create metrics of success, and distribute data to key stakeholders. Hillary Green-Lerman will share her experiences as the creator of a Product Intelligence team, and preview Codecademy’s Introduction to Data Analysis Intensive.


The talk will contain three sections: 1. Explaining the difference between Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Product Managers and how these three roles work together to create a data-driven product culture. 2. Exploring a data-driven product cycle: - Use data to define problems (Data Analyst) - Choose a set of problems to solve (Product Manager) - Use data to identify the impact of possible solutions (Data Analyst) - Choose a set of solutions to build (Product Manager) - Use data to track success (Data Analyst) 3. Discuss best practices for the most common tasks for Data Analysts, including: - Collecting Data Sources - Designing Surveys - Creating Dashboards

Finally, Hillary will share some secrets to success as a Data Analysts. Here is a link to Hillary’s slides:

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