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General Sessions — Saturday Sept. 2, 2017

  C01 C11 C02
8:00 AM

Coffee & Registration

9:00 AM

Opening Notes
Conference Committee - James + Manoj

9:15 AM Keynote: Siraj Raval [Maths Behind Deep Learning] Siraj Raval
10:00 AM Regression Analysis - The good, the bad and the untold Jalem Raj Rohit Things to know while choosing a Deep Learning library Saurabh Agarwal Machine Learning as a Service Anand Chitipothu
10:30 AM Topic Modelling with Gensim Parul Sethi Proximal Policy Optimization : The new kid in the RL Jungle Shubham Gupta
11:00 AM Building camera based intelligent applications Nabarun Pal Difficulties in working with the government data and how can tech help us resolve it. Ankita Mathur
11:30 AM Using RNNs to implement a Full Adder using PyTorch Madhur Tandon Deriving insights in minutes from serverless IoT Data Pipeline Narendran R
12:00 PM Keynote: Ponnurangam Kumaraguru [Data Science for Social Good] Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
12:45 PM


1:45 PM

Lightning Talks

2:30 PM Machine Learning Architectures Shagun Sodhani Information Diffusion in a Twitter Network Sagar Chand Agarwal Deep Reinforcement Learning: A hands-on approach Shubham Dokania
3:00 PM Interestingness of interestingness measures Simrat Hanspal Dimensionality Reduction Techniques - "You can compress!" Manan Singh, Nilay Shrivastava
3:30 PM Transfer Learning Using Tensorflow and Keras Amita Kapoor Computer Vision in self driving cars Ridhwan Luthra
4:00 PM Hitchhiker's guide to using Neo4J: Trials & Tribulations of deploying a scalable graph API on Cloud Vinay Kumar Convex.jl: A native Julia package for real or complex domain Convex Optimization Ayush Pandey
4:30 PM

Evening Tea & Snacks

4:45 PM Keynote: Farhat Habib [Machine Learning in Online Advertising] Farhat Habib
5:30 PM

Wrapping Day 1

5:45 PM

General Sessions — Sunday Sept. 3, 2017

  C01 C11 C02
8:00 AM

Coffee & Registration

9:00 AM Keynote: Prabhu Ramachandran [My Experiments with Python] Prabhu Ramachandran
9:45 AM Managing Machine Learning Models in Production Anand Chitipothu Text Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks in Tensorflow (NLP using DL) Ronit Kishore Create a sense2vec model using Gensim and Spacy from scraped news data and integrate it with Flask Tanu Mittal., Abhishek Kapoor
10:15 AM Altair: Declarative Visualizations in Python Nipun Batra Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation Vyom Sharma
10:45 AM Winning Vision through DenseNets Manan Singh, Nilay Shrivastava
11:15 AM Encoder Decoder Architecture Navya Agarwal Stephanie | Virtual assistant at your service Ujjwal Gupta Introduction to Julia Programming Dr. Sandeep Nagar
11:45 AM

Panel Discussion

12:45 PM


1:45 PM Keynote: Anuj Gupta [Recent Advances in NLP] Anuj Gupta
2:30 PM Understanding Clustering: Supervising the unsupervised Janu Verma Deep (Neural ) Language Models kashyap Raval Visual Storytelling with D3 Alok K. Shukla
3:00 PM Beyond Clicks: Deep Sequential Models for Task Satisfaction Prediction with Conversational Agents Rishabh Mehrotra Decoding Neural Image Captioning Sachin Kumar
3:30 PM Real-time log analytics using Probabilistic Data Structures in Redis Srinivasan Rangarajan Pay Some Attention ! Prakhar Srivastava, Pranav Gupta Geospatial data science and analysis using ArcGIS API for Python Rohit Singh
4:00 PM

Open Spaces

BoF Session

5:00 PM Closing Notes Manoj Pandey
5:15 PM

Raffle Distribution

5:30 PM

Evening Tea & Snacks

5:45 PM

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