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Stephanie | Virtual assistant at your service

Ujjwal Gupta

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Ever wanted a personal assistant like Jarvis for yourself? Fear not. Stephanie addresses the problem by providing an open-source platform built specifically for voice-controlled applications as well as to automate daily tasks and hence imitating much of a virtual/personal assistant’s job.


Stephanie is written in python and has really minimalistic hardware requirements, it just boils down to having a working machine, speaker and a mic of any sort because of its amazing compatibility and cross-platform support. After that you just need to download few files and with just couple of clicks away, you have a working virtual assistant installed in your machine.

Stephanie is completely open source, even the algorithm which is used to predict the intent (I’ve written a paper on it which I would highly recommend to anyone interested through this link: Sounder) is open-sourced so basically you are using a software which is entirely community driven.. So since Stephanie is completely open-source, you can integrate it with lots of public/private API’s to take the application to a new level, where the already implemented ones are Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Google Calendar, IMDB, Wikipedia, Zomato to list a few.

The Developer Guide written is basically for programmers to guide them on the process of how to write their own modules and extend the functionality of Stephanie, its also 100% customizable, from changing its name to actual responses, everything is completely customizable.

My ultimate goal behind developing Stephanie was to create a general awareness about new technology as well getting people a push towards programming with a different approach where people can code and see the actual outcome in front of them, the lack of a good open-source virtual assistant in the market also pushed me to work on it so to address and not overlook the privacy concerns being raised in everyday life.

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