Sunday 11:15 AM–12:45 PM in C02

Introduction to Julia Programming

Dr. Sandeep Nagar

Audience level:


The workshop intends to give an introductory outlook to programmers (intermediate and advanced python coders) about Julia programming language. Julia is new language which has additional functionalities like multiple dispatch, speed rivalling C/C++ which being simple syntactically as well to learn.


Julia programming language is best described by the phrase "Julia walks like python, runs like C". While it has simple and comprehensible syntax like python and MATLAB, it has a file compiler based structure which removes the issue of "two language program" for software developers and data scientists. Present workshop will involve: Data type system Defining variables and performing simple mathematical calcultaion Defining loops Defining functions Multiple dispatch Plotting It is advised that participants bring thier own laptops, If we have internet then we can use for running Jupyter Notebooks which I will provide. Interested participants can further practise Julia using my book available at

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