Challenge your friends and other conference participants to CodeDuels, a 1v1 code challenge platform developed by two PyData NYC 2022 Diversity Scholars!

No previous knowledge is expected, and all levels are welcome to participate or watch. This event will not be recorded.

How does it work?

Two coders (you and a friend!) log into the CodeDuel web app on two separate devices, which are then presented with the same Python coding challenge. The goal of the competition is to be the first one to solve the challenge. Whomever solves the challenge first will be awarded Rating Points. 

You can participate for fun (“CodeDuel friendlies”) with your conference buddies or enter the bracket. In competitive play (“CodeDuels bracket”), there will be a Leaderboard tracking the points of top players.

The top 2 coders in the leaderboard will go HEAD TO HEAD during the CodeDuels Final at 2:15pm on Thursday, immediately before the final keynote. Join us to find out who will take the title of Top CodeDueler at PyData NYC 2022!

Can I submit code challenges to be included in the CodeDuel Question Bank?

Yes! The current version supports Python questions in the form of leetcode-type questions, meaning that they need the English-language question, a Python code sample to start with, and the unit tests that need to pass in order to accept your code solution. The question bank submission form is here.

Are there prizes?

Everyone who tries out CodeDuels, either friendlies or bracket competition, will be automatically entered into lotteries on Wednesday and Thursday of the conference for very special book giveaways, sponsored by Pearson Publishing.

What to expect?

Expect to have a fun time coding in a light-hearted competition. There will be beginner, medium and expert tiers of challenges, so you can pick any tier that’s suitable to you. Some Python knowledge is helpful, but mostly we’re looking to have a good time, so this is an all levels event.

If you’re looking to show off your leet coding skills and be at the top, then come prepared to face some challenging questions!

Who built this?

The platform was built by Chinmay Devadhar and Nathan Liu, junior developers from California, as a Hackeo hackathon project. The devs will be on-site at PyData NYC to run this event, and they are eager for YOUR user feedback as the platform is under active development.

What tech runs the web app?

React to build the frontend, with an express-mongodb backend to store user accounts. The CodeDuel round is powered by, which allows the client and server to easily send information back and forth.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

No. The competition is hosted as a web app. We will have devices on hand you can use, or you can bring your own device.

Code Duels Friendlies, Brackets, and Question Creation Sprint

Room: Marquis (5th Floor)

Day: Wednesday, Nov 9

Time: 10:15am-12:30pm and 2:45am-5pm

Code Duels Friendlies and Brackets, and Question Creation Sprint

Room: Marquis (5th Floor)

Day: Thursday, Nov 10

Time: 10:15am-12:30pm

Code Duels Finals

Room: Radio City (6th Floor)

Day: Thursday, Nov 10

Time: 2:15pm