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PyData Miami 2019

Date: January 9-11, 2019

Location: CIC Miami

PyData Miami brings together three interconnected communities: users and developers of data analysis tools, as well as researchers creating new analysis methods. The PyData conference series is anchored in open source Python packages such as NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn but also includes approaches to data analysis and visualization in other high level numerical languages such as R and Julia.

We aim to be an accessible, community-driven conference, with tutorials for novices as well as advanced workshops for practitioners and researchers.

Keynote Speakers

  • Wes McKinney: Creator of Pandas, Ibis, author of Python for Data Analysis, co-founder and former CEO of DataPad, current Director of Ursa Labs, and member of the project management committee for Apache Arrow, .
  • Clément Farabet: VP of AI Infrastructure at NVIDIA, former lead of the Cortex Core team at Twitter, co-founder of Madbits. Clément received his Ph.D. from NYU, as part of Yann Lecun's research lab.
  • Chao Han: VP, head of R&D at Lucidworks. Ph.D. in Statistics from Virginia Tech. Worked at JPMorgan Chase R&D on transaction text mining, social media sentiment analysis, fraud detection, default prediction and target marketing. Joined SAS in 2015 to develop an in-memory multi-threaded analytic engine. Chao is now the head of data science at Lucidworks, working on recommendation, query analytics, automatic document clustering, and NLP.

Diversity Scholarship

One of PyData's goals is to increase awareness and excitement around opportunities for underrepresented groups in software engineering and data analytics. To increase diversity in scientific computing, our outreach program ranges from hosting workshops that introduce programming to young women to encouraging diversity in speakers at PyData.

For PyData Miami 2019, we are offering scholarship opportunities to those from underrepresented groups who may otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

Apply for a Diversity Scholarship! The deadline is December 16th.


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