Thursday 3:30 PM–5:30 PM in Main Room, Tutorial Room

PyData Meetup at Venture Cafe: NVIDIA RAPIDS

PyData Miami / Machine Learning Meetup

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Hosted at CIC Miami and OPEN TO ALL.

This is a satellite event of the PyData Miami conference at VentureCafe.

If you're not attending the conference sign up for this meetup at


Folks from NVIDIA will talk about their RAPIDS suite of open source software libraries for building data science and analytics pipelines entirely on graphics cards. RAPIDS relies on NVIDIA® CUDA® primitives for low-level compute optimization, but exposes that GPU parallelism and high-bandwidth memory speed through user-friendly Python interfaces.

RAPIDS also focuses on common data preparation tasks for analytics and data science. This includes a familiar DataFrame API that integrates with a variety of machine learning algorithms for end-to-end pipeline accelerations without paying typical serialization costs. RAPIDS also includes support for multi-node, multi-GPU deployments, enabling vastly accelerated processing and training on much larger dataset sizes.

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