Supporting Diversity

We are have been working diligently to ensure that a diverse crowd of participants has the opportunity to attend PyData.

We support our participants by:

  • actively reaching out to underrepresented groups during our call for proposal
  • providing diversity scholarships to attend PyData Carolinas
  • providing a list of reliable childcare providers (not available due to high requirements from provider side on minimum number of children)
  • ensuring safe bathrooms
  • speaker coaching (cancelled due to low demand)
  • promoting and enforcing our PyData Code of Conduct
  • ensuring our venues are inclusive
  • calling up our local airport to ensure they have gender neutral bathrooms (they do)
  • providing a safe environment to foster your learning and networking

and more.

If you have any pressing questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone with an "Organizer" badge during the conference.