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Samsung R&D Institute Poland is a branch of Samsung Electronics, a global leader in the market of consumer electronics and a major manufacturer of electronic components. The goal of Samsung R&D centers is to constantly improve the technology that stands behind the products we make. Polish center is one of the biggest and fastest growing R&D centers in East-Central Europe, and one of the key Samsung centers globally. Within its structure it brings together the largest team of experts in the area of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision and Big Data Analytics. Our team consists of researchers (many of them holding PhD degree), engineers and language experts. Together, we work on the development of state-of-the-art solutions and technologies that in the near future will be used globally in Samsung products.




Netguru builds digital products that change the way people do things. The company’s clients have changed the way people listen to music, do banking, learn languages or rent bikes. Their products have been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider and Product Hunt. In over 10 years of operation, Netguru has delivered more than 270 projects for top startups and Fortune500 companies. Currently, Netguru has over 400 people on board, and it is perceived as an employer who finds transparency and conducive working culture crucial. Netguru has been recognised in many rankings of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, for instance, in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 (three times) and FT1000 by Financial Times.

BCG Gamma | The Boston Consulting Group


Meet BCG Gamma. We are a mix of passionate and inventive data scientists and technologists with sharp business minds.

We build and deploy mathematical models for the world's most iconic companies, mining terabytes of data, bringing impact measured in millions of dollars. We use state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning and operations research algorithms to bring to life new products, intelligent processes and automated decision-making solutions for our clients. We're fluent in Python and R, use Spark, TensorFlow, Gurobi, real-time data integration platforms, relational and no-SQL databases and work on a variety of on-premise and cloud enterprise platforms. At BCG Gamma we think big, start small and scale fast, constructing end-to-end, fit-for-purpose solutions that our clients own and integrate into their technology stacks. We are an ideal employer for a business-savvy data science experts!



Lingaro is an award-winning technology partner to global industry leaders. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies whom we provide with cutting edge end-to-end data processing solutions. What makes our services and products so effective is the solution design method that is data science-based and business knowledge-driven.

We attract the best talents from the IT industry top global players as well as the most promising rising stars straight from the best IT and business schools. Our project managers, architects, developers, analysts and scientists are certified in various technologies and methodologies.



iDash was established to change lives of professionals and academics by providing Data Science skills necessary to rapidly progress through their careers.



Kiwi.com is a Czech online travel agency, providing a fare aggregator, metasearch engine and booking for airline tickets. Its unique feature is "virtual interlining" - selling flight itineraries combining normally non-cooperating airlines, while Kiwi.com provides guarantees covering missed connections.




Od ponad 10 lat realizujemy projekty dla branży IT. Naszymi klientami są m.in. największe firmy z sektora finansowego, ubezpieczeniowego oraz software house'y. Aktywnie uczestniczymy w rozwijaniu społeczności IT poprzez udział w konferencjach branżowych oraz organizując warsztaty dla profesjonalistów IT. Świadczone przez nas usługi mają charakter edukacyjny i autorski - od szkoleń, przez bootcampy, aż po studia podyplomowe na UKSW, ALK i PW.


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