Wednesday 9:00 AM–10:30 AM in Broadway (5202)

Visualizing the 2019 Measles Outbreak in NYC (with Python)

Carlos Afonso

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The US is amid its largest measles outbreak since 1992, with 1,250 cases as of Oct 3, 2019. Most cases (649) were in NYC, where the outbreak was declared over on Sep 3, 2019. This tutorial creates data visualizations to help understand the measles outbreak in NYC. Bubble maps and bar charts are created using Python (bokeh, matplotlib) and following principles of clarity and context.


The tutorial notebook is available both as a Jupyter notebook and as a static HTML page.

1. Introduction

1.1. Motivation
1.2. What is measles?
1.3. A brief history of measles in the US

2. Data

2.1. Data Sources
2.2. Data Collection

3. Visualizations

All data visualizations are shown in the project homepage:

3.1. NYC new measles cases by month
3.2. NYC measles cases by neighborhood
3.3. NYC measles cases by age
3.4. NYC measles cases by vaccination status

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