Committee Chairs

Lauren Oldja

Executive Chair

Lauren solves clients' most impactful problems as a Senior Data Scientist at SparkBeyond. In her free time she organizes conferences... wait.

Diego Torres Quintanilla

Executive Chair

Diego builds data science tools and infrastructure at Two Sigma. He was born and raised in Mexico, loves to volunteer as a teacher and read fiction.

Jane Adams

Executive Vice-Chair

Jane works at Two Sigma, where her job is to think about how data fail and how to deal with it. When she’s not doing that, she’s making sourdough or ceramics.

Organizing Committee

Claire Allred

Claire is trained as a physicist and pivoted to chase the exciting problems being addressed with data science techniques.

Bryan Cross

Bryan Cross is Head of Quantitative Evidence and Data Science(QED) at UBS AM. Bryan's interests are Bayesian Inference, Missing Data, and the Fermi Paradox.

Mei Guan

Mei is a data analyst at New Visions for Public Schools, and a graduate student at NYU’s Center for Urban Science + Progress studying urban informatics.

Megha Jain

Megha is a data scientist at, a nonprofit aiming to mobilize young people, where she uses data to help craft effective social good campaigns.

Vinay Kale

Will do math for food. Senior Data Scientist at Capital One. Books, Hiking, Aspiring writer. Contact:

Rinchen Lama

Rinchen is an undergrad at LaGuardia Community College pursuing a CS degree. He is a career driven individual on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities.

Ryan Lambert

A former mechanical engineer, Ryan is a Lead Data Scientist at American Express. His interests are natural language processing, unstructured data normalization, and search.

Hanhan J. Li

Hanhan is co-founder of PressDB, a content automation startup. She graduated with a dual masters degree in Statistics and Journalism.

Winston Ma

A Crude Oil Derivatives Trader turned Data Scientist, Winston is passionate about using data to make better decisions in all facets of our modern world.

Nitya Mandyam

Nitya is a Data Scientist at Rockerbox, Organizer for the NYC PyLadies and an Astronomy-PhD with a passion for problem-solving, teaching and inclusivity in tech.

Andrew Montalenti

Andrew is Founder/CTO of Long-time Pythonista. New Yorker. Past PyData & PyCon presenter. Author, "The Elements of Python Style". Writings at

Program Committee

Tom Augspurger

Data Scientist at Anaconda. Dask & Pandas maintainer.

Lore Dirick

Lore Dirick is Sr. Manager of Data Science Academics at WeWork’s Flatiron School. She has a PhD in Economics and taught DS courses to >120k students on DataCamp.

Brian d'Alessandro

Brian is a Data Scientist (Capital One) who gets more done with Powerpoint than Python these days. Outside of the job, I'm a Professor (NYU), a surfer and a dad.

Jane E. Herriman

Jane is wrapping up a PhD at Caltech. She has led diversity and teaching initiatives for the Julia Language & is a NumFOCUS Board member.

Claudia Perlich

Doing ML since 1996.

Proposal Readers

  • Laura Colón-Meléndez, PhD
  • Douglas W. Lee
  • Hannah Bruce Macdonald
  • Brad Miro
  • Sharon Morris
  • Yevgeni Nous
  • Kelly Shen

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