Hillary Green-Lerman

Hillary Green-Lerman

Hillary Green-Lerman is a Senior Curriculum Lead at DataCamp, where she manages the creation of Python and SQL curriculum. Previously, she created and built the Codecademy Data Science team, managing dashboarding, analysis, and predictive efforts. She also developed Codecademy's Introduction to Data Analysis and Learn SQL from Scratch Intensives. Before that, she created the Product Intelligence team at Knewton and was a Scientific Associate at D.E. Shaw Research, where she used large-scale molecular dynamics simulations to study the binding of allosteric modulators to G-protein coupled receptors. She has been published in Nature, Proceedings of the Biophysical Society, and Lilith Magazine, and has spoken at Open Data Science East, PyData London, PyGotham, Women in Machine Learning, and ABI.local.


Creating a Data-Driven Product Culture

Wednesday 10:50 AM–11:30 AM in Radio City (#6604)

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