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With more than 25 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We pioneered the use of Python for data science, champion its vibrant community, and continue to steward open-source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible. Our enterprise-grade solutions enable corporate, research, and academic institutions around the world to harness the power of open-source for competitive advantage, groundbreaking research, and a better world.

At Tesco we are using technology, to find new ways to make life better for our customers, colleagues, communities and the planet. Today, our technology team is made up of over 3,000 experts who bring different skills and experiences to help us solve everyday problems and we have the space, tools and investment to do it right.  From designing innovative software and systems to ensuring our cyber security is watertight, technology is driving our business. Our team is always growing so find our latest roles at Tesco-careers.com/technology

Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm and leading global market maker. As one of the oldest market making institutions, we are a trusted partner of 50+ exchanges across the globe. With a focus on continuous improvement, we participate in the safeguarding of healthy and efficient markets for everyone who participates. From options to ETFs, cash equities, bonds and foreign currencies, Optiver’s mission is to always provide liquidity for end-investors. Pricing hundreds of thousands of interconnected products in real time is a fascinating challenge. And data is a key component at every step in the process.


Man Group is a global, technology-empowered active investment management firm focused on delivering alpha and portfolio solutions for clients. Headquartered in London, we manage $148.6 billion (as at 31 December 2021) and operate across multiple offices globally. We invest across a diverse range of strategies and asset classes, with a mix of long only and alternative strategies run on a discretionary and quantitative basis, across liquid and private markets. Our investment teams work within Man Group’s single operating platform, enabling them to invest with a high degree of empowerment while benefiting from the collaboration, strength and resources of the entire firm. Our platform is underpinned by advanced technology, supporting our investment teams at every stage of their process, including alpha generation, portfolio management, trade execution and risk management.

When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO Will Shu moved to London in 2013 he discovered a city full of great restaurants, but he was amazed that so few of them delivered food. He made it his personal mission to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors.

Today, Deliveroo operates a hyperlocal three-sided marketplace, connecting local consumers, restaurants and grocers, and riders to fulfill a mission critical, emotional purchase in under 30 minutes. By offering fast and reliable delivery which consumers can track online, Deliveroo has grown rapidly. Deliveroo now operates in 11 markets worldwide, working with thousands of restaurants and grocers, thousands of riders, and serving millions of consumers.

Ntropy enables developers to parse financial transactions in under 100ms with super-human accuracy, unlocking the path to a new generation of autonomous finance, powering products and services that have never before been possible. It converts raw streams of transactions into contextualized, structured information by combining data from multiple sources, including natural language models, search engines, internal databases, external APIs, and existing transaction data from across our network.

Mobilewalla provides predictive features and feature engineering technologies that help enterprises build high performing machine learning models. Mobilewalla solutions make feature engineering more streamlined and procedural and are anchored by deep data science expertise and a set of scientific and technical innovations enabling the ingestion, cleansing, pre-processing and transformation of data at massive scale. One of Mobilewalla’s technology offerings is the Anovos open source project. Anovos is a scalable, open source, end to end feature engineering solution built on Apache Spark.​ Anovos includes data ingestion and cleansing, drift and stability analysis and stable feature creation, via feature recommendation and transformation. Data scientists at enterprises around the world use Mobilewalla’s nuanced attributes and feature engineering platform to predict consumer behavior and build resilient predictive models.


Shopify is a leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, offering trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for reliability, while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere. Proudly founded in Ottawa, Shopify powers millions of merchants in more than 175 countries and is trusted by brands such as Allbirds, Gymshark, Heinz, Tupperware, FTD, Netflix, FIGS, and many more.

Hopsworks Feature Store is an enterprise and python friendly Machine Learning platform for the full lifecycle of AI projects. It offers best in-class performances and an effective collaborative layer for all data teams, allowing them to leverage any data source for any application, at any performance level and across any environment.

QuantCo leverages expertise in data science, engineering, and economics to help organizations turn data into decisions. Headquartered in Boston, QuantCohas offices in Berlin, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London, Munich, San Francisco, and Zurich. Our team of over one hundred economists, data scientists, software engineers, and machine learning experts creates tangible economic impact by pairing state-of-the-art data expertise with business acumen.

J.P. Morgan is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. We invest $12 billion in technology annually – of which approximately $3 billion is dedicated towards innovation. We operate at immense scale. We provide financial services to millions of customers globally. We face interesting challenges of optimisation, agility, scalability, security, and stability every day. We are also the largest bank in the US.

We manage the largest Python repository anywhere in the industry. Data is at the heart of everything we do. It enables us to make superior predictions and to be proactive in anticipating user needs. We invest in machine learning projects for investment strategies but also for personalizing everyday interactions. We strive to be first-class in everything we do, and our commitment to technical excellence is no different.

Wherever your technical passions lie, there is a team at JP Morgan pushing this field to its limits. We pay really well, and we would love to meet you in our booth.


Myles Holman is an internationally recognised digital designer used by companies such as Deloitte and Oracle