Thanks to This Year's Keynote Speakers

Sylvain Corlay

Sylvain Corlay is the founder and CEO of QuantStack. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from University Paris VI.

As an open-source developer, Sylvain Corlay is active in the Jupyter ecosystem. He is the co-creator of the Voilà dashboarding system and the Xeus C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol, and he maintains several other projects of the Jupyter stack. He is also a core contributor to conda-forge, and a several other scientific computing open-source projects, such as bqplotxtensor, and ipyleaflet.

Beyond QuantStack, Sylvain does a lot of volunteer work for the community, as a member of the board of directors of NumFOCUS, the vice chair of JupyterCon. He also co-organizes the PyData Paris Meetup.

Sylvain founded QuantStack in September 2016. Prior to founding QuantStack, he was a Quant Researcher at Bloomberg and an Adjunct Faculty member at the Courant Institute and Columbia University.

Tania Allard, PhD

Tania is the co-director at Quansight Labs and previous Sr. Developer Advocate at Microsoft. She has vast experience in academic research and industrial environments. Her main areas of expertise are within data-intensive applications, scientific computing, and machine learning. Tania has conducted extensive work on the improvement of processes, reproducibility and transparency in research, data science and artificial intelligence. She is passionate about mentoring, open source, and its community and is involved in a number of initiatives aimed to build more diverse and inclusive communities. She is also a contributor, maintainer, and developer of a number of open source projects and the Founder of Pyladies NorthWest.

In her free time she likes tinkering with electronics, nerding with mechanical keyboards, reading all the books and lifting heavy weights.

Dr Susan Mulcahy

Dr Susan Mulcahy is the Director of the Data Sparks Programme at the Imperial College London, the innovative student placement programme matching a real world industry project on data science with a team of our postgraduate students. This programme sits within Imperial Business Analytics, the research centre focused on bringing data science research closer to the world of business. Susan was previously the Senior Education Fellow of the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Imperial where she developed the educational offering of the DSI for internal students and external industry engagements. She is also a Lecturer in Data Analytics at Ada National College for Digital Skills.  Having also facilitated technical courses for corporate clients since 2013, Susan enjoys teaching/facilitating/presenting technical topics to a general audience.

Susan received her data-driven PhD from Imperial’s Bioengineering Department in 2016 where she researched indicators of traumatic brain injury using MATLAB on datasets collecting over 500 million data points per patient per day. In addition to this, she has an MBA from INSEAD in France and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in the USA. Susan has been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 2002.

For outside interests, Susan seeks out adventure. In 1999, she spent three months riding her bicycle across the USA. These days, she can be found rowing weekly on the Thames (anything from singles to 8s, outside of lockdown), hiking up a rugged mountain in the Scottish Highlands, or sleeping in a tent in her back garden in London (which she did for 82 consecutive nights in lockdown v1.0 in search of a local adventure.)

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller