Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility

Our aim is to ensure that PyData London is as welcoming and inclusive as possible.


We will provide a free on-site creche during conference hours. We are partnering with a childcare service agency staffed by qualified childminders.

You can register your interest when registering your ticket. Registration is required, as the appropriate number of childminders will be booked according to the number of children.

Nursing Room

For parents and carers who would like to benefit from a quiet area for feeding, we will have a dedicated nursing room.


The conference venue is fully wheelchair-accessible.

The conference will be held on the first floor of the Tower Hotel, with step-free access + lifts available from the main hotel lobby.

Dietary requirements

When registering your ticket, you will be able to specify your dietary requirements. We aim to meet all dietary requirements.

Quiet room

A dedicated quiet room, for people who need a break from the excitement of the conference, will be available at the venue.

Attendees can use the room to work in a quiet area, but no phone calls, chatting/socialising nor loud notifications are permitted.

Prayer room

A dedicated prayer room will be available for people whose religions require frequent prayer.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code, you are welcome to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable (as long as your outfit does not violate the Code of Conduct).


Many thanks to NumFOCUS for their NumFOCUS DISCOVER Cookbook that helps shaping many of our Diversity&Inclusion efforts, and props to the PyCon UK organising team for being a continuous source of inspiration on the topic.

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