Community Activities

A part from our rich conference programme, PyData London 2019 will feature a number of community-driven activities, including:

  • Social Events on Saturday night
  • Diversity Lunch
  • Unconference sessions
  • Book Signing: meet the experts!
  • Lightning talks
  • PyData Organisers lunch

PyData Social Saturday

What: we'll host a social event on Saturday evening, after the closing notes and lightning talks. We'll offer a first round of drinks and some canapes, then there will be a cash bar, followed by our pub quiz.
When: On Saturday evening after the closing notes (roughly from 6pm onwards)
Where: in the foyer (expo space) at the conference venue

PyData "Pub" Quiz

What: now a PyData tradition, we'll propose again a "pub" quiz, where you can meet other attendees and show off your knowledge (about Python, life, and beyond). Limited space, we'll send out a sign-up form if you'd like to attend.
When: on Saturday evening from 7pm
Where: in the Tower Suite (keynote room)

Diversity Lunch

What: open to everybody, facilitated discussion on the topics of Diversity and Inclusion in our industry -- grab your lunch from the buffet and join the discussion
When: on Saturday during the lunch break 12:40-13:30
Where: in the lunch seating area (the Carvery)

PyData Organisers Lunch

What: an informal gathering over lunch for all the organisers of PyData events world-wide, to exchange notes and ideas
When: on Sunday during the lunch break 12:40-13:30
Where: in the lunch seating area (the Carvery)

Unconference Track

What: informal sessions led by attendees, e.g. facilitated discussions on topics of interest, impromptu hacking sessions on a specific topic/library, anything that is on topic for the conference but falls outside the formal talks/tutorials tracks -- if you'd like to lead a session, propose your idea to the organisers
When: all day Saturday and Sunday
Where: in the Unconference room (Mortimer Room)

Book Signing

What: meet the authors and get a free signed copy of their book. Limited amount of books available, so first come first served!
When: on Saturday at 15:45 (during the coffee break)
Where: by the registration desk

Lightning Talks

What: lightning talks are 5min talks on any topic of interest for the PyData community. They could be about a library you've used, a community event you're attending, an interesting problem you faced, a technique you just learned, you name it! Limited time, so the number of talks will depend on the available time frame.
When: sign up during or before the lunch break (i.e. before 13:30) on both days, we'll then randomly select the talks to be presented. The talks will be given after the closing notes (i.e. after 17:00) on both days
Where: sign up at the registration desk; talks will be given in the Tower Suite.

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