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With more than 25 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We pioneered the use of Python for data science, champion its vibrant community, and continue to steward open-source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible. Our enterprise-grade solutions enable corporate, research, and academic institutions around the world to harness the power of open-source for competitive advantage, groundbreaking research, and a better world.


Shopify is a leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, offering trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for reliability, while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere. Proudly founded in Ottawa, Shopify powers millions of merchants in more than 175 countries and is trusted by brands such as Allbirds, Gymshark, Heinz, Tupperware, FTD, Netflix, FIGS, and many more.

Taipy meets the challenge of rapidly transforming a bare algorithm into a full-fledged Decision Support System for end-users! We provide the next generation of Open-Source Software that enables Python Developers to quickly build interactive end-user applications.

Taipy is composed of:

  • Taipy GUI for the development of highly interactive GUIs ready for production
  • Taipy Core provides facilities for smart pipeline management, data caching as well as scenario and cycle management

Hopsworks Feature Store is an enterprise and python friendly Machine Learning platform for the full lifecycle of AI projects. It offers best in-class performances and an effective collaborative layer for all data teams, allowing them to leverage any data source for any application, at any performance level and across any environment.

Deepgram is a speech company whose goal is to have every voice heard and understood. We have revolutionized speech-to-text (STT) with an end-to-end deep learning platform. This AI architectural advantage means users don’t have to compromise on speed, accuracy, scalability, or cost to build the next big idea in voice. Our easy-to-use APIs allow developers to quickly test and embed our STT solution into their voice product or experience.

OpenTeams Global is a professional network dedicated to the open source talent that exists around the world. It serves universal needs across open source in two ways: it’s a marketplace where talented contributors, maintainers, and practitioners can showcase their skills and projects while enhancing their careers in open source. Second, it gives organizations access to a network of talented contributors while providing core business benefits including HR staffing and talent management.

Galileo’s mission is to ensure that data scientists always work with the highest quality data to build high performing machine learning models quickly.

With over 80% of the world’s data being unstructured, and with recent model advancements lowering the barrier to utilizing this data for enterprise machine learning, there is an urgent need for the right data-focused tools to build high performing models fast.

Galileo was founded by Vikram Chatterji (CEO), Atindriyo Sanyal (CTO) and Yash Sheth (CPO) to build the toolchain for data scientists working with unstructured data.

The company is based in San Francisco and well funded by top tier investors. For more information, visit or follow @rungalileo.

H-E-B is a privately-held grocery retailer headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. With more than 400 stores in Texas and northern Mexico across its H-E-B, Central Market, Joe V’s, and Mi Tienda brands, the company is among the largest private employers in the United States. In 2018 H-E-B acquired grocery delivery service Favor and is making its digital offerings a core component of its continued expansion. H-E-B is known throughout Texas as a generous supporter of the local communities in which it does business — the company proudly donates 5% of its pretax profits to charity.

NVIDIA’S INVENTION OF THE GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.

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For over 40 years O’Reilly has provided technology and business training, knowledge, and insight to help companies succeed. Our unique network of experts and innovators share their knowledge and expertise through books, articles, and our online learning platform. O’Reilly online learning gives you on-demand access to live training courses, in-depth learning paths, interactive coding environments, certification prep materials, and a vast collection of text and video from O’Reilly and 200+ other publishers. For more information visit

NormConf is the tech conference about all the stuff that matters in data and machine learning, but doesn’t get the spotlight.

Data Umbrella is a non-profit community for underrepresented persons in data science. They organize data science events for the community.