Conference Attendee FAQs


Registration Questions

How can I obtain an invoice/receipt for my ticket (including VAT invoice)?

Your PDF event confirmation from Eventbrite serves as your invoice and should be accepted for corporate processing or reimbursement. If you need your invoice to have specific information, please fill out this form, and we will send you an invoice two business weeks after the end of the event. Please complete ALL FIELDS or your invoice will NOT be processed.

I need to make changes to my registration. Whom do I contact?

Please contact [email protected] for any changes to your registration.

Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes, registrations are transferable. To transfer your ticket, please email [email protected] with the name and contact information of the original ticket-holder and the person to whom the ticket will be transferred. No transfers will be accepted within one week of the event.

What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are available when cancellation is made prior to 7 days before the start of the event. Within 7 days of the start of the event, cancellations will be refunded at 50%. No refunds will be available for any cancellations made on or after the start date of the event.

Can I purchase my registration on-site?

A limited number of tickets may be available at the registration desk, however we strongly suggest you register in advance. We cannot guarantee the availability of any tickets on-site.

Are there any meals included with my registration?

Conference attendees, speakers, booth staff, and all guests with badges will have access to meals. We usually serve a light breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

While an ID is not required, we ask that you have one available in case there are any questions about your registration. Registered attendees under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult unless prior arrangements have been made.

How do I obtain a press pass?

Please contact [email protected] for information regarding press passes.

Travel Questions

Do you have a Visa Invitation Letter I can use?

Please contact [email protected] for a Visa Invitation Letter.

Does NumFOCUS offer any funding or support to attend the conference?

Thanks to generous donations from our sponsors, NumFOCUS is typically able to offer a select number of diversity scholarships per event, which cover registration costs. We are continuing our fundraising efforts to be able to offer travel and lodging scholarships in addition to covering registration. Please refer to the specific conference website for deadlines and detailed information on what is covered.


General Event Questions

Where can I find a list of sponsors?

A complete list of sponsors can be found on the individual conference sites. Not all sponsors will be tabling at the conference.

I would like to volunteer at a PyData Conference. Who do I contact?

Please contact [email protected] for volunteer information. We usually seek volunteers to handle registration or act as session chairs.

Where is Lost and Found?

Please check at the registration table for any lost and found items.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Yes, we recommend all attendees bring a laptop to the event.

Will I have Wi-Fi Access?

Yes, wi-fi is free and available to all conference attendees. Access details will be given at check-in.

Additional Questions?

You can reach us by email at [email protected].

Conference Speaker FAQs

Preparing Your Presentation

How long should my talk be?

For talk sessions, you have a total of 40 minutes for your presentation. This means 30 minutes of presentation and about 10 minutes of Q&A. We like to make these presentations as interactive as possible, and you are strongly encouraged to allocate time for Q&A and comments. After the 40 minutes for your presentation has elapsed, you may be asked to take any remaining questions outside of the room while our volunteers set up for the next speaker.

How long should my tutorial be?

For tutorial sessions, you have either 90 minutes for your presentation. This includes Q&A. We like to make these presentations as interactive as possible, and you are strongly encouraged to allocate time for Q&A and comments. After your presentation time has elapsed, you may be asked to take any remaining questions outside of the room while our volunteers set up for the next speaker. For tutorials, we will be asking attendees to come with Anaconda installed. Please e-mail us if you have any additional requirements for attendees.

I am new to PyData and/or to giving presentations.

If you are new to PyData or to giving presentations, you may find these tips helpful.

Will my session be recorded?

All sessions will be recorded and posted on the PyData YouTube channel following the conference. Please contact [email protected] if you do not wish to be recorded.

Scheduling and Registration

Do I pick the time and location for my speaking session or will it be assigned to me?

We will assign you a time, date and location for your session and you will be notified via email a week before the conference. Please also refer to the schedule on the conference website. All sessions are subject to schedule changes.

Does the speaker receive complimentary conference registration?

Yes, speakers receive complimentary conference registration and should have received a discount registration code via email.

Will PyData make hotel and travel arrangements for me?

You are responsible for making all travel and hotel arrangements. Please refer to the PyData website for specific room blocks and hotel discounts.

I was selected and am scheduled, but am no longer available / have a conflict.

Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

I agreed to be wait listed, but no longer am available or interested.

Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

At the Conference

When should the speaker arrive at the presentation room?

We recommend that the speaker arrives 15-30 minutes early to set up the presentation and ensure the room is set properly.

What if I need technical assistance on the day of the conference?

Volunteers and staff will be on hand to assist throughout the day. A speaker ready room will be available to you onsite.

What should I bring to my session?

Please be sure to bring your laptop with the slides loaded on it and that you have any appropriate adapters/connectors; If you have a Mac, please bring a VGA adaptor. When preparing your slide presentations, use 16:9 slide ratio. Talks and tutorials will be recorded and posted on Youtube after the conference. We ask speakers to email your slides or links to [email protected] so that we may post them with your video.

Will I have Wi-Fi access?

Yes, wi-fi is free and available. All conference attendees will receive information at check-in for accessing the venue Wi-Fi network.

Additional Questions?

You can reach us by email at [email protected].

Corporate Sponsor FAQs

Corporate Sponsor

How can I become a corporate sponsor?

Sponsorship information can be found here.

Is wi-fi and electricity included with my booth?

Yes, wi-fi and electricity will be available. All conference attendees will receive information at check-in for accessing the venue Wi-Fi network.

What does the booth space look like?

Sponsor booths are integrated into common areas where they will attract attendee traffic. Sponsors will be provided with a six-foot table and chairs. Large booths (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold level) will have space for banners on either side of their table, while small booths (Silver level) only have space for a banner on one side. Booths are first come, first serve and sponsors will hold the same booth for the duration of the conference.

Are sponsors responsible for shipping costs?

Yes, sponsors are responsible for shipping charges to and from the conference. If you plan on shipping conference materials, please send materials ahead of time (seven business days prior to the conference). We do not provide outbound shipping labels. Sponsors do not have to sign shipping and material handling documents and there are no weight forms for shipping and receiving.

How do I register my booth staff?

Registration discount codes will be issued to sponsor contacts. If you have not received your discount codes, please contact Jim Weiss ([email protected]). Please refer to your sponsorship agreement for the number of conference passes allotted to your company.

How can I track my shipments?

Please contact Jim Weiss ([email protected]) if you plan to ship booth items to ensure proper tracking and delivery.

Should I order carpet, padding, or booth cleaning?

Carpet and padding is optional. There will be conference staff on-site who will handle post-event vacuuming, emptying trash, etc.

When do I have to staff my booth?

Booth hours are typically from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. on the second and final day of the conference. Please refer to the conference schedule. We ask that your booth is staffed for busy times during keynotes, lunches, and breaks. All booths should be cleared by 7:00 pm on the last day of the conference.

When is booth set-up and break-down?

PyData is a three-day event with tutorials usually taking place the first day. Sponsors will not be required to attend tutorials. There are typically two options for booth set-up times: during the last tutorial session of the first conference day or one hour before the conference begins on the second conference day.

I need an invoice for my corporate sponsorship.

Please contact Lynn Brubaker, Finance Manager, at [email protected] for questions regarding sponsor invoicing.

Additional Questions?

You can reach us by email at [email protected].

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