Open Foundations Up to $250 annually | Up to $21 monthly

Our Open Foundations level of support includes the majority of donors to NumFOCUS. These donors form the bedrock of our work toward our open source mission. We believe in keeping the opportunity to support NumFOCUS accessible to all.

At this level, hundreds of smaller donations combine to create baseline impact. Most notably, Open Foundations donors help NumFOCUS provide direct funding to our Projects through our Small Development Grants.

Open Pathways $250-$499 annually | $21-41 monthly

Our Open Pathways tier represents further commitment to our work. Donors at this level provide crucial infrastructure support to NumFOCUS. This includes things like maintenance of the NumFOCUS and PyData websites and funding for the communications platforms we use to connect with our stakeholders (like Zoom and Slack). Open Pathways donors also enable us to continue cultivating the PyData community through Eventbrite and Meetup.

Open Opportunities $500-$999 annually | $43-$84 monthly

Open Opportunities donors expand our community-building capacity by enabling greater participation in NumFOCUS events and initiatives. For example, a gift at this level fully funds a PyData Diversity Scholarship. Open Opportunities donors also help to cover costs for project representatives to attend and collaborate at key organizational events like our annual Project Summit.

Open Insights $1,000-$2,499 annually | $84-$208 monthly

Open Insights donors play a crucial role in enabling us to monitor and evaluate our progress. NumFOCUS works with our Projects, for example, on tracking and outcomes of Small Development Grants to ensure that Projects are achieving results in line with their original proposals. We also gather and evaluate Meetup metrics, Eventbrite data, and survey responses in order to better serve the PyData community. This all requires significant resources. Donors at the Open Insights level help provide the necessary infrastructure and staff capacity to keep us accountable to our mission and our stakeholders

Open Innovations $2,500-$4,999 | $209-$416 per month

At our Open Innovations tier, donors provide sufficient funding to address higher-level project maintenance costs like essential documentation updates, technical infrastructure upgrades, and paid developer time.

Open Innovations donors are jointly recognized as sponsors of our Small Development Grants program. They also enjoy a complimentary attendance pass to a PyData conference of their choice.

Open Frontiers $5,000+ | $417 per month

Open Frontiers represents our highest level of support. These donors offer NumFOCUS the most substantial opportunities for expanding our organizational capacity.

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