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Self-Driving Cars & AI: Transforming our Cities and our Lives

Recent algorithmic and hardware improvements resulted in a number of success stories in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting our daily lives. However, despite its ubiquity AI is only just starting to make advances in what may arguably have the largest societal impact thus far, the nascent field of autonomous driving. At Uber ATG we are working tirelessly towards this goal, aiming to transform the way we live and work through advances in the self-driving technology, with AI at its core. In this talk I will present some of these efforts and discuss practical considerations for operating autonomous vehicles on our roads in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

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The Road to Intelligence with Data Science

Favio Vázquez
Founder of Ciencia y Datos

Data Science is an amazing field of research and active development. Here I'll explain why Big Data can be a catalyst to get to AGI and how it can work for us to create better models and better understanding; how with the current state of AI and its future we should use Data Science as the controller and science behind this revolution to enable the creation of intelligence and solve problems.

Favio is a Physicist and computer engineer with a master's degree in physical sciences. With a passion for science, philosophy, programming and music, he is currently working in data science, Deep Learning and Big Data as Principal Data Scientist at Oxxo and Senior Data Scientist at Raken Data Group. In addition, he is the creator of Science and Data, a publication of Data Science in Spanish.

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Building an Empire: How To Use Data and Game Theory to Make Strategic Decisions

You can win any game with the right knowledge. But be careful: data is powerless unless it drives our actions. This talk will show you how to use game theory to formalize your strategy, leverage your data, and gain a competitive edge in any scenario. Starting with a simple board game and expanding to building a business, you’ll learn valuable strategies to make data-driven decisions that greatly improve your odds for victory.

Eva is a data scientist, machine learning engineer, and back-end developer with experience in scalability issues, system administration, and more. She has a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science from the Ruhr Universität Bochum and is an expert in Python, Ruby, and Go, and speaks at events worldwide about data science and Python. Eva is Toptal's Regional Lead for Latin America and Africa.

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Recommender Systems: A view from the Trenches, the world's largest online travel agent applies Recommender Systems to improve customers experience at every step of their journey. We successfully design, build, and deploy dozens of recommender systems that today serve predictions for hundreds of millions of users every day. In this talk we present our business cases, how we solve them, what challenges we found and what we have learnt 'from the trenches'.

Lucas Bernardi is Principal Data Scientist at His main focuses are Recommender Systems and Personalization. He also leads the Machine Learning Productionization team and contributes to the Experimentation framework. He blogs about data science and contributed to articles published in SIGIR, RecSys and WSDM. He is an Engineer with background in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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