Day 2 202 Meeting Room 11:15 - 12:00

Talk/演講: Is a Twitter user’s location correlated with their opinion on #COVID-19?

This talk introduces how to use Twitter API to gather valuable information, such as tweets, geolocation, device, etc. And how to reveal insights from geolocation to user opinions on COVID-19.

The number of active users on social media sights has increased dramatically in 2020; Twitter has reported its Monetizable daily active users worldwide by 34%. It’s a challenging yet meaningful task to draw insights from such platforms. This talk will show a step by step guide from how to obtain data using Twitter API to how to drawn insightful analysis of user opinion to their geolocation. Studies have shown that various misinformation, unreliable, low-quality information, and conspiracy theories were combined with COVID-19 information. Thus we focus on tweets in the US during COVID-19 and study how user location correlates to their opinion on COVID-19.


A data scientist from Tunghai University. Focused on leveraging graph properties to solve problems from different aspects such as propaganda detection, geolocation related research, etc.

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