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Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute to, and release open source every day across every platform, from the cloud to client operating systems, programming languages and more. We recognize that multiple projects under the NumFOCUS umbrella are included in those projects that we use on a regular basis for various data science workloads across the company. As such, we are happy to support NumFOCUS [+PyData] as a Partner to help support its projects to further their goals.


With more than 25 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We pioneered the use of Python for data science, champion its vibrant community, and continue to steward open-source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible. Our enterprise-grade solutions enable corporate, research, and academic institutions around the world to harness the power of open-source for competitive advantage, groundbreaking research, and a better world. is a pioneering technology company that empowers organizations to achieve reliable, reproducible, and cost-effective machine learning and data orchestration through Union Cloud, a managed version of the powerful Flyte platform. As the leading contributor to Flyte, was founded by the engineers who created this groundbreaking, Kubernetes-native workflow automation platform. Trusted by industry giants like Lyft, Spotify, and GoJek, Flyte streamlines the data science and machine learning journey from ideation to production.

Posit Software, PBC helps people understand and improve the world through data. We build tools that enable robust and reproducible data analysis through programming, paired with tools that make it easy to share insights. Our core software is open source, freely available to anyone. Our professional software equips individuals and teams to develop and share their work at scale.

Delta Lake is an open-source storage framework that enables building a Lakehouse architecture with compute engines including Spark, PrestoDB, Flink, Trino, and Hive and APIs for Scala, Java, Rust, Ruby, and Python.

To learn more, follow Delta Lake on TwitterLinkedIn and Youtube.


Taipy meets the challenge of rapidly transforming a bare algorithm into a full-fledged Decision Support System for end-users! We provide the next generation of Open-Source Software that enables Python Developers to quickly build interactive end-user applications.

Taipy is composed of:

  • Taipy GUI for the development of highly interactive GUIs ready for production
  • Taipy Core provides facilities for smart pipeline management, data caching as well as scenario and cycle management

Statsig is the leading experimentation and feature management platform helping businesses use data to move faster and build better products. Companies like Notion, Flipkart, Eventbrite, Ancestry, and Univision use Statsig to release features, automate experiments and make decisions based on a comprehensive view of performance metrics. Founded in 2021 by former Facebook engineers, Statsig supports thousands of experiments across hundreds of millions of end users every day.

Grid Dynamics is a global digital engineering company that co-innovates with some of the world’s most respected brands to solve complex problems, optimize business operations, and differentiate customer experiences. Driven by business impact, agility, and sustainability, we create innovative, end-to-end solutions in the areas of experience engineering, data science and AI, platform and data engineering, and cloud and DevOps to help clients grow.Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with delivery centers located throughout the globe, Grid Dynamics is known for architecting revolutionary digital technology platforms for 7 of the 25 largest US retailers, 3 of the 10 largest global consumer goods companies, 4 of the 10 largest US technology giants, as well as leading brands in the digital commerce, manufacturing, finance, life sciences, and telecommunication sectors.


Datapane is an open-source framework which makes it easy to create web apps using Jupyter and Python.
  • Build web apps from the plots, dataframes, and Python functions in your notebook
  • Deploy to any hosting platform, or run on Datapane Cloud for auth, permissions, and secure sharing
  • Export beautiful standalone reports which you can share over Slack or Email
Result: 10m to turn your analysis into a self-service tool which makes an impact, and you spend less time copying plots into slide decks and building reports.
Dask and Coiled make it easy to scale Python to run in parallel.  Dask provides parallel algorithms for PyData and Coiled provides distributed infrastructure in the cloud.

At Capital One, we’re creating real-time, intelligent, automated customer experiences using artificial intelligence in financial services. From informing customers about unusual charges to answering their questions in real time, our applications of AI & ML are bringing humanity and simplicity to banking.
Noteable is a collaborative notebook platform that enables teams to use and visualize data, together. Its cloud-based and secure deployment options, no-code visualizations, and collaborative environment make it easy for teams to work with data in a single platform. Noteable is built for businesses by the experts behind the most successful enterprise-grade and open-source notebook initiatives. To learn more, visit


Tryolabs is a premier AI consulting firm dedicated to helping companies expedite their AI adoption process. Boasting over 12 years of experience, they have partnered with an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients to enhance their AI capabilities. Their team has honed expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and AI for edge devices.

Tryolabs supports companies throughout every stage of their AI journey, offering strategic guidance, model development, and scalable deployment solutions. They are committed to transforming businesses by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, ensuring that their clients remain at the forefront of their industries.


PyData Seattle Social Sponsored by


Women Techmakers is dedicated to helping all women thrive in tech through community, visibility and resources. Our Women Techmakers community is made up of more than 200,000 women across 190 countries with 900 Ambassadors committed to sustaining gender equity in tech. Our vision is to build economic opportunity for women through technology.

PyLadies Seattle is a regional chapter of the international group that focuses on helping women become participants and leaders in the Python community. Our mission is to provide mentorship and support for women who program in Python, and we strive to provide a network for education and career development. Our meetup events and hacknights provide a safe, judgment-free environment for learning, creating and coding. 
Seattle SPARK + AI – This is a meetup for Seattle / Eastside users of Spark, the high-speed Scala-based cluster programming framework. We’ll be rotating among locations in Seattle and Bellevue. We’ll also discuss other Spark and AI projects including spark-packages, MLflow, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.We will include introductions to the various Spark+AI features, case studies from current users, best practices for deployment and tuning, and future development plans. Follow us on Twitter at @SparkAISeattle.

Alluxio is a data orchestration layer between compute engines and storage systems. This layer provides complete virtualization across all data sources, to serve data to applications that do not need to worry about the location of their data. The solution that we’ve built eliminates the complexity of managing data across environments, whether in the cloud or on-premises, bare-metal or containerized. Alluxio started as an open source project from UC Berkeley’s AMPLab in 2014 and we have grown into a large and vibrant open source community. With over 1,200 contributors on Github and over 10,000 Slack community members, we were recognized as part of the Top 10 Most Critical Java Based Open Source Projects and named as one of the Top 100 Most Valuable Repositories on Github!

Ray is an open-source unified framework for scaling AI and Python applications like machine learning. It provides the compute layer for parallel processing so that you don’t need to be a distributed systems expert. Ray minimizes the complexity of running your distributed individual and end-to-end machine learning workflows – from reinforcement learning to deep learning to training and tuning, and model serving. 

Codebasics is a YouTube channel and a data science learning community with more than 1 million followers. People recognize Codebasics for its simple explanations of complex topics, project based visual learning and hands on exercises. The main YouTube channel contains video tutorials on data science, data analytics and data engineering. The channel is run by two data professionals, Dhaval Patel (12+ years data industry experience @ Bloomberg, New York) and Hemanand Vadivel (7+ years data industry experience in Europe).

To learn more, follow Codebasics on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter

The R2AI Community brings together AI practitioners who focus on building robust and responsible AI applications by providing a platform for sharing learnings, success, and challenges.

WhyLabs organizes speakers from industry and academia to share and collaborate on developing best practices for building AI systems. Join the community:

This is a relatively informal group of Seattle-area data scientists, ML engineers and software engineers. We (used to) meet monthly at tech companies who are willing to host us in downtown Seattle or Bellevue, and have a format which varies from a series of lightning talks, evening meetups, weekend workshops by visiting or local speakers. Let us know if you have a venue interested in hosting in-person events!

We are open to beginners and experts who are motivated to learn and build. Our members have a wide range of backgrounds in the tech field. We host talks, workshops, and book clubs. If you’re interested in giving a presentation, please send a message to the organizers!

The Cloud Development Community is a group of professionals who want to learn about cloud development and share their knowledge with others. The community meets regularly to discuss topics such as cloud development, DevOps, and developer productivity.

Link to the meetup:

The Google Developer Group Seattle chapter meets regularly for tech talks, Study Jams or hands-on workshops. We are an inclusive and rapidly growing community. Our members are using or would like to learn more about developing applications using Google technology, including:
Google Cloud Platform, Actions on Google, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Flutter, Android, Web development, Chrome, Go and Dart programming languages.

DevITjobs is the first job board built with Software Engineers in mind. The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the US IT market. DevITjobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!

Google Developer Group – GDG Bellevue is for developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology, everything from Google Cloud, ML, Data Science, Android, App Engine, Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API, YouTube API, and Google Calendar API. Our page, events, meetings and all our activities are open to the general public.