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Systematic Paris Region


The French SYSTEMATIC PARIS-REGION competitiveness cluster brings together 600 key players in the Paris region working in the field of software-dominant systems and focusing on markets with a strong social dimension. Based on 5 key areas - Automotive & Transport, Free and Open Source Software, Security & Defence, Systems Design and Development Tools, Telecoms - the goal of the cluster is to develop the regional economy and boost the competitiveness by leveraging innovation, training and partnership opportunities.

Since 2009, Systematic deploys its technologies towards new markets, including “ICT & Sustainable Cities” and “ICT & Health” which are at the heart of the 21st century challenges and whose development increasingly relies on the know-how of Systematic members.

Since 2005, Systematic has developed 258 R&D projects representing a total R&D investment of €1.2 billion including €450M funded by the French Government, its economic development agencies and from the Paris-Region local authorities.




Abilian is an open-source software vendor proposing innovative solutions for your enterprise or organization. We operate in the Enterprise 2.0, information management and business processes sectors.

With Abilian’s solutions, your enterprise will become more creative, reactive, open and, in one word, competitive.




Nexedi is the largest European publisher of Open Source / Free Software with customers such as Airbus group, Kyorin group, Mitsubishi group, SANEF, Sankei Chemical, etc. Nexedi's Free Software portfolio includes ERP5 (ERP/CRM), Wendelin (Industrial Big Data), SlapOS (hyperconverged OS), NEO (NoSQL database), re6st (low latency SDN), etc. Wendelin technology brings high performance, parallel and out-of-core processing to data science libraries based on python or NumPy. Nexedi is a sponsor of pyston high performance python runtime and of MariaDB database.



Our open source strategy has evolved based on an increased technical expertise, dialogue with our customers, many of whom operate heterogeneous environments with traditional commercial software, commercial open source software and community-based open source software working side-by-side, appreciation for both how the open source development model can be applied to our own software development, and the potential for Microsoft technologies to be great platforms for open source applications.
The enterprise-grade infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Team Services provides a set of collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor, making it perfect for scripting languages like Python. Microsoft tools also provide deep insight into your data. Backed by Anaconda Python distribution, users can introduce their own scripts into an Azure Machine Learning workflow. Azure Machine Learning Studio comes equipped with close to 200 of the most common Python packages including those for data science like Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy.

Université Paris-Saclay


Université Paris-Saclay, a high level university

18 research participants, two universities, seven research centers, nine major engineering and business schools, decided to join forces within the Paris-Saclay Campus Foundation to create Université Paris-Saclay.
To meet the challenges of global competition in terms of education, research and innovation, these institutions decided to work together on a common project in 2014, by pooling courses and research of the highest national and international standards: Université Paris-Saclay.
Located on the Paris-Saclay site, at the heart of the most influential private financial and research areas in Europe, Université Paris-Saclay is a significant driving force in the development of industry, particularly in hi-tech and technology fields.




At Xebia Data Factory, we provide our clients with the whole set of skills needed to execute a (Big) Data project.
We are a team of Data Architects, Data Engineers and Data Scientists who are passionate about tackling complex and stimulating problems.
Thanks to the many projects we have done, we acquired a strong experience regarding the tools, the methodology and the technology, which allows us to unlock immediately the value behind the data, by iterating constantly on small increments that we push to production as soon as possible.
We like to work in a challenging environment that emphasizes on technological innovation and curiosity, and to work and share our experiences with our teammates who are among the most talented in their field.




Logilab is an IT company specialized in advanced and scientific computing.

By building on its expertise center, Logilab is able to implement software solutions and to propose high value services and trainings in such fields as advanced and scientific computing and knowledge management.

Logilab's expertise center has specialized in the use of several tools (Python, Salt, C, C++, etc.) and techniques (software engineering, agile project management, multi-paradigm programming, statistics, logic, etc.) and applies them to advanced computing (data analysis, numerical problem solving, simulation, etc.) and knowledge management (content management systems, workflow automation, database aggregation, indexation tools, documentation management, etc.).

Logilab's training sessions are designed for engineers willing to enhance their computer science skills. They cover a wide range of topics (Python, XML, Object Oriented design and programming, C++, agile project management, etc.) and are always fine tuned to best suit the needs of attendees.

Logilab is an actor in the Free/Open Source Software community. The company favors solutions built on Free/Open Source Software when they meet the needs of the end users, and guarantee the required stability of the systems. Some of the internal developments of the company are released as open source on http://www.logilab.org/ Logilab's free software projects site.



Datadog is Monitoring-as-a-Service for Dev & Ops teams who want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools, and services into actionable insight.

At Datadog we use python extensively to power our backend services. We love the language for its speed, efficiency and it's spirited community.

Much like the previous years we are very happy to be present at PyData as a sponsor. See you in Paris.

University of Technology of Troyes (UTT)