Veronica Hanus

Before becoming a programmer, Veronica was a researcher with an eye for process improvement. (She helped pick the Mars Curiosity Rover’s landing site!) After teaching herself web development, she continues to bring a researcher’s perspective from her time at NASA-JPL & MIT into whatever she is learning. She loves exploring the web and teaching, and has spoken at Git Merge Belgium, PyCaribbean, PyCon CZ, and PyCon AU on building the tooling & docs that people need. When she isn’t speaking about how the web can be better for developers, she enjoys nerding out about documentation, as well as crushing rocks and making them tell her their secrets. In her younger days, she was bestowed the title of “Most Awkward Girl in the Universe”. She wears it with pride.


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Monday 11:40 AM–12:20 PM in Winter Garden (5412)

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