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Anne Bauer

Anne is a lead data scientist at The New York Times, where she heads the Algorithmic Recommendations team. The Algo Recs team uses machine learning to personalize and recommend content across the NYTimes' website, apps, and email. Before becoming a data scientist she was an astrophysics and cosmology postdoc in Barcelona and Munich, and received her Ph.D. in physics from Yale.


Data science at The New York Times: a mission-driven approach to personalizing the customer journey

Tuesday 9:15 AM–10:05 AM in Central Park West (6501), Central Park East (6501a), Winter Garden (5412), Music Box (5411), Belasco (6203), Ambassador (6202), Broadway (5202)

Fireside Chat

Tuesday 10:05 AM–10:45 AM in Belasco (6203)

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