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Anaconda, Inc.


About Anaconda, Inc. With over 4.5 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular Python data science platform. Anaconda, Inc. continues to lead open source projects like Anaconda, NumPy and SciPy that form the foundation of modern data science. Anaconda’s flagship product, Anaconda Enterprise, allows organizations to secure, govern, scale and extend Anaconda to deliver actionable insights that drive businesses and industries forward.


TD Ameritrade


For over 40 years, TD Ameritrade has been proud to help our clients pursue their financial goals while giving them more time to focus on what really matters in life. Everything we offer — from guidance, to powerful trading tools, to retirement resources — is built around one thing...you.

At TD Ameritrade, we give you what you need to define your path and achieve your goals. Clear vision and leadership. A team that embraces challenges through collaboration and open communication. The opportunities and resources to realize your professional and personal ambitions. It's called empowering you to do what you do best. So we can all succeed by doing what's right.



Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in devices and services that help people and businesses realize their full potential. At Microsoft, we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our products to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them.


Two Sigma


We are Two Sigma. We imagine breakthroughs in investment management, insurance and related fields by pushing the boundaries of what open source and proprietary technology can do.

In the process, we work to help real people. Through our investors, we support the retirements of millions around the world and help fund breakthrough research, education and a wide range of charities and foundations.Our engineers, data scientists and modelers harness data at tremendous scale, using machine learning, distributed computing and other technologies to build powerful predictive models.

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J.P. Morgan


J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available. We have been helping our clients to do business and manage their wealth for more than 200 years. Our business has been built upon our core principle of putting our clients’ interests first.

Crux Informatics


Crux was built to solve the pain of data wrangling by helping firms acquire, explore and transform data with ease. Actionable insights are the life-blood of industry and Crux takes on the burdensome and non-differentiating aspects of our customers' information supply chains so they can focus on what really matters most for their business. For providers of content and analytics, Crux accelerates sales by enabling direct access to target consumers and reducing friction for them evaluating and acquiring content. With the Crux Informatics Platform, customers benefit from a secure and scalable cloud environment to store, explore and transform data. At Crux, we make data delightful.




Caserta is a leading data intelligence consulting firm that specializes in the design, development, and implementation of customized data analytics ecosystems. We have a reputation for creating bold, state-of-the-art solutions. Our business is built around creative thinking and harmonious collaboration with our clients.




Elasticiti is an analytics services and development firm helping media companies accelerate their analytics roadmap. From data integration to data visualization, our solutions resolve our clients' big data challenges.

Capital One


At Capital One, we dare to dream, disrupt and deliver a better way. Our goal is simple – bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to an industry ripe for change. Founder-led, Capital One is on a mission to help people live their best lives and build one of America’s leading information-based technology companies.



Qubole is passionate about making data-driven insights easily accessible to anyone. Qubole customers currently process nearly an exabyte of data every month, making us the leading cloud-agnostic big-data-as-a-service provider. Customers have chosen Qubole because we created the industry’s first autonomous data platform. This cloud-based data platform self-manages, self-optimizes and learns to improve automatically and as a result delivers unbeatable agility, flexibility, and TCO. Qubole customers focus on their data, not their data platform. Qubole investors include CRV, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and IVP.



Bloomberg technology drives the world’s financial markets. Over 4,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.

The D. E. Shaw Group


The D. E. Shaw group is a global investment and technology development firm with more than $43 billion in investment capital as of July 1, 2017, and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Since our founding in 1988, our firm has earned an international reputation for successful investing based on innovation, careful risk management, and the quality and depth of our staff. We have a significant presence in the world's capital markets, investing in a wide range of companies and financial instruments in both developed and developing economies.

DAT Solutions


DAT Solutions serves brokers, carriers, owner-operators and shippers in the United States and Canada with best-in-class products, including North America’s largest spot market freight matching network, transportation management software, broker logistics software, fleet compliance, distribution and intermodal services, as well as automated carrier safety and insurance monitoring.


Sticker Mule


Sticker Mule aims to be the Open Source Community’s favorite custom sticker printer. We ship for free, provide complimentary online proofs, and offer extremely fast turn-around with every order.

Zero Labs


Zero Labs is global AI lab that builds responsible AI that protects the privacy of users in this new AI powered world and focuses on creating a more decentralized data and knowledge model for the future. It’s primary product, Zero AI powers the ‘AI of You’ - the ability for any device - from your phone to your car and other IoT devices to have full conversations with you and learn and adapt to your needs without ever having to send your personal data to the cloud.

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