Seth Weidman

Seth Weidman


Seth loves understanding the whole spectrum of data science tools, from the details of the math all the way to their business applications, and teaching others about them as well.

Professional background

As a Data Scientist, Seth helped start the data science team at Trunk Club, the e-commerce clothing company in Chicago, using the Python data science stack (pandas, Sci-Kit Learn, Flask) to build and deploy models such as lead scoring and clothing recommendations. Before that, he spent three years in consulting, both in management consulting and then internal consulting for Capital One, using data analytics to influence business decisions. Seth is currently a Senior Data Scientist for the Data Science Training company Metis - he has taught two full time immersive programs in Chicago and is currently doing training for Metis' corporate clients.

Intellectual Interests

Over the past year, Seth has become fascinated by neural networks. However, as a former math major, he was unsatisfied with the rigor of existing tutorials that explained the mathematical details of why neural nets work, as well as their lack of connection between the math and the resulting code. Therefore, he started to write his own neural net tutorials and functions, sharing what he has learned at several( Meetups(, on his GitHub, on his website, and with his students at Metis(

Seth also believes that everyone should be able to easily learn what the most common tools data scientists use to tackle problems are. To that end, he is leveraging his putting together easy to follow Jupyter notebooks containing the most common libraries and design patterns data scientists use to tackle the most common data science problems, starting with Supervised Learning.

Other interests

Outside of data science, Seth likes traveling, Latin dancing and practicing his Spanish, and reading classic literature.


Deep Learning from Scratch using Python

Thursday 1:30 PM–3:00 PM in Central Park East 6501a (6th fl)

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