Friday 11:25 AM–12:00 PM in Main Room

Intro to Dash

Chelsea Douglas

Audience level:


Dash allows you to build interactive data dashboards in Python, no JavaScript required. In this talk, we’ll give a brief overview of Dash’s interface and architecture. Then, we’ll discuss the ways that the Dash community has been using the library and what’s to come in 2019.


Analyzing data with Python? Want to level up your skills? Meet Dash, your no-JavaScript solution for building interactive GUIs around your analytical code, all in Python. Explore and share your data in the browser with graphs, dropdowns, sliders, buttons, and more. Dash apps react to user actions, reflecting real-time changes in your visualizations and other outputs.

If you're interested in creating interactive web applications in Python then this workshop is for you! All levels are welcome – you'll excel the most if you're familiar with the basics of Python or already using Python for data analysis.

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