Friday 4:15 PM–6:00 PM in Tutorial Room

Effortless APIs with Flask and AWS Lambdas

Santiago Basulto

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You've been working on your data for weeks. Now it's time to publish your results, or build an online dashboard. Maybe you're thinking about publishing a new ML book and want to collect emails with a simple landing page and a sign up form. This talk will explain you, in just 30 minutes how to create a simple website/API using Flask and AWS Lambdas, and get them deployed in just minutes.


This talk will explain how to create simple webapps and REST APIs using Flask and deploy them with AWS Lambdas (using Zappa). AWS Lambdas are the "serverless" offering of Amazon Web Services. They're cheap and convenient to get quick services deployed with minimum effort.

Do you want to see a live example? We built an image color extraction service using scikit-learn (just KMeans). Check it out: Do you know how much it took us to get it deployed? Minutes. It was just about building a couple of Flask endpoints, packaging the scikit-learn code and deploying it to the lambda. Here's the source code.

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