Friday 4:50 PM–5:25 PM in Main Room

Does This Algorithm Have a Soul?

Betina Costa

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“Man is condemned to be free”, said Sartre. We as human beings are doomed and blessed by the power of choice, and some times, our choices may contain prejudice . What if we could pass this responsibility to a machine free of bias? Would we create a fair world our just a monster of our own image?


With Data Science being used for several purposes (from recommending you a nice movie to given court sentences), some important questions started being raised: What are the ethical implications of using algorithms to decide about human lives? What exactly is being done we our data? This talk intends to approach this questions, as well as the following topics:

Context: A Quick introduction to Big Data; How bias is created? Are algorithms free of bias? The myth of impartiality Norman case Search Engines Court Algorithms What are we doing with our data? Real Life Black Mirror Silver Linings

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