Wednesday 4:15 PM–4:50 PM in Main Room

Smart Streams: A Real-time framework for scoring Big and Fast Data

Vedant Jain

Audience level:


Big Data and AI have unleashed possibility that was once a chapter in fictional stories. As these major tech revolutions take root in reality, we're faced with an interesting challenge to find convergence between the two. In this talk, I introduce a high level architecture of how enterprises can make AI/Big Data a reality for their organizations.


Open-source technologies allow developers to build microservices framework to build myriad real-time applications. One such application is building the real-time model scoring. In this session, we will showcase how to architect a microservice framework, in particular how to use it to build a low-latency, real-time model scoring system. At the core of the architecture lies Apache Spark's Structured Streaming capability to deliver low-latency predictions coupled with Docker and Flask as additional open source tools for model service. In this session, you will walk away with:

Knowledge of enterprise-grade model as a service Streaming architecture design principles enabling real-time machine learning Key concepts and building blocks for real-time model scoring Real-time and production use cases across industries, such as IIOT, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sepsis etc.

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