Tom Alisi

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Communications with background in semantic web, machine learning, computer vision, interactive installations and digital libraries. I cut my teeth as researcher while heading international projects, publishing a few scientific papers for international journals and conferences, teaching web programming languages at the University and starting up my first venture.

Moved then to London to work as full-stack and solution architect for companies in the digital advertising industry while accumulating a significant amount of awards, including a Webby for technical achievement and plenty of FWAs.

I now supervise the development and implementation of data products at the Data Science and Analytics group at Pirelli Tyres, where we thrive on making an old manufacturing company adopt our fine algorithms and applications.

I have also founded Devcon.London an invitation-only community of developers based in London that gathers 100+ of the best minds in town for technical and social meet-ups.


Do tyres dream of electric clouds?

Sunday 13:30–14:15 in Tower Suite 3

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