Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons has been programming in Python since 2000. He works at JPMorgan in London in the Athena Research team. Athena is the bank's Python-based trading platform. Athena Research is the leading-edge analytics environment within Athena for data science and machine learning. His prior roles at JPMorgan include leading the Precious Metals Technology and Equities Data and Analytics Engineering teams.

Stephen previously worked in the credit card businesses of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam and ANZ Bank in Melbourne. At ABN AMRO, he ran Operations, Credit Risk, MIS and Strategy. At ANZ, he had management team responsibility for Cross-Sell and Portfolio Management. He started his career as a radar engineer at Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation and was then a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

His education includes an MBA from INSEAD, and PhD, BSc and BEng from Melbourne University.


Python at Massive Scale

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