Sunday 15:00–15:45 in Tower Suite 2

Data Science in Energy - Adding a new facade to an old asset.

Prashant Tiwari

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Data Science plays a critical role in the modern-day energy sector. This talk explores how energy industry sector has been using data science to keep lights running across the UK and also future applications that are changing the way we think about energy. This talk attempts to present the direction that latest trends and research is taking us when it comes to the energy sector in general.


Data Science in Energy - Adding a new facade to an old asset.


This is not a talk about how solar or controlled nuclear fusion is going to change energy production, but a talk about what goes on after electricity is produced and future trends and why it's not possible without data science.


To set the context of the talk I define the existing system in place

  1. The Grid: Imperial energy generation and distribution system in the UK.
  2. Load Prediction: The typical demand-supply problem solved by data science.
  3. The problem: Talk about price of energy to end customer


Let's explore the various approaches taken by UK government and private companies to solve this problem and how all of them are driven by data science.

  1. Load prediction (at house level, at DNO level, at energy suppliers level, at grid level)
  2. Solar and Battery storage (Is this the silver bullet?)
  3. Demand-side response services


Next, we talk about the next generation smart grids and how small ideas and concepts have a potential to change energy consumption and production.

  1. Battery Storage (battery to grid, vehicle to grid, frequency response services, demand-side response services)
  2. Smart Grids.
  3. Energy trading (futures and real-time trading.)


Give an estimation of where we will reach in next 20 years ...

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