Friday 15:30–17:00 in Tower Suite 2

Hypothesis Testing with SciPy

Hillary Green-Lerman

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Using freely-available material from Codecademy's Introduction to Data Analysis intensive, we'll learn the basics of hypothesis testing using SciPy. You’ll practice making mathematically informed decision-making and experimental design used by marketers, social scientists, product managers, and data analysts everywhere.


When we are trying to compare datasets, we often need a way to be confident knowing if datasets are significantly different from each other. Some situations involve correlating numerical data, such as:

Others involve categorical data, such as:

For numerical data, we will cover: One-Sample T-Tests Two-Sample T-Tests ANOVA Tukey Tests

For categorical data, we will cover: Binomial Tests Chi Square

After this lesson, you will have a wide range of tools in your arsenal to find meaningful correlations in data.

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