Friday 10:25–12:00 in Dining Room

From zero to Kung Fu Panda(s)

Jonathan Fernandes

Audience level:


Pandas is Python’s data science work horse and is used routinely by Data scientists across the globe. Using a hands-on based approach, attendees will go from beginner level to covering intermediate-level content in 90 minutes.


These are the topics we will cover to go from zero to hero in 1.5 hours.

Section 1 – “Zero” (30 minutes)

In the first 30 minutes, I will introduce the attendees to a dataset that we will be using for the tutorial session. I want attendees to get their hands dirty from the start and get a feel for Pandas using commands that will help them get an overview of their data set with some basic plotting.

Section 2 – “Panda(s) in training” (30 minutes)

Now that the audience have interacted with Pandas, I want them to give them a more detailed view of Panda's building blocks - Dataframes and Series. I will introduce the concept of broadcasting across Series using Boolean Indexing and basic data manipulation. Additionally we will look at both identifying and effectively dealing with missing data. This segment will be peppered with exercises for participants to practice and confirm their learning.

Section 3 – “Kung Fu Panda(s)” (30 minutes)

In this last section, we will look at more complex plotting options with Seaborn. I will introduce groupby, indexing, stacking, unstacking and friends. We will end this session by getting a better understanding of manipulating strings and regular expressions in Pandas.

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