Review Committee

The selection of talks is kindly conducted by an independent review committee made up of PyData members and peers of the data science community at large. We at PyData London are indebted to them volunteering their time and ensuring that talks are selected based on their merit.

Linda Uruchurtu

Review committee chair.

Data Scientist, Lyst

Ian Ozsvald

Co-organiser of PyData London. Authored High Performance Python. Chief Data Scientist, ModelInsight.

Emlyn Clay

Co-organiser of PyData London. Director, OpenVivo Ltd.

Marco Bonzanini

Freelance Data Scientist. Co-organiser of the PyData London meetup. Author of "Mastering Social Media Mining with Python"

Raquel H Ribeiro

Senior Data Scientist, Feedzai

Giles Weaver

Independent Consultant

Agata Brajdic

Data Scientist, Citymapper

Stephen Whitworth

Founder and Machine Learning Engineer, Ravelin Technology

Maciej Kula

Data Scientist, Netflix

Ruby Childs

Freelance data scientist

Alice Jacques

Senior Data Scientist, Channel 4

Andy Clegg

Staff Data Scientist, Etsy

Sam Denny

Data Scientist, Lyst

Ash Booth

Lead Data Scientist, HSBC

Natalie Hockham

Freelance Data Scientist

Marcia Oliveira

Machine Learning Engineer,

Miroslav Batchkarov

Data Scientist,

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