Saturday 16:15–17:00 in LG7

Journeys through JuPyteR

Alex Glaser

Audience level:


There have been many talks about Jupyter notebooks but rather than concentrating on the notebook this talk will look at three data science languages available within it: Jula, Python and R. This talk will be aimed at beginner coders where we will write code in all three languages and discuss the differences between them.


In the last few years notebooks have become de rigeur within data science, and the ability to mix & match different languages is one of many exciting elements within them. Using as a motto ‘find the best tool for the job’ we will take the Python code from Tariq Rashid’s book “Make your own Neural Network” and, using the MNIST data set, rewrite it in R and Julia. Of particular interest will be the idiosyncrasies that we see within each language as well as the readability and speed of each.

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