Friday 16:25–18:00 in Dining Room

Building Web-based Analysis & Simulation Platforms with React/Redux, Flask, Celery, Bokeh, and Numpy

James Powell

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What use is analytical code if it can't be integrated into a business workflow to solve real problems? This tutorial is about integrating analytical work into a real production system that can be used by business users. It focuses on building a web-based platform for managing long-running analytical code and presenting results in a convenient format, using cutting-edge combination of tools.


The purpose of this stack is to be able to rapidly create web-based environments for users to interact with the results of analytical and simulation processes (without needing to retrain one's self as a web programmer!)

This tutorial is composed of the following pieces:

If time permits, it might also be possible to discuss the use of React Native to quickly build mobile apps using the same infrastructure.

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