Madhur Tandon

Madhur has been involved in numerous open source projects in the python scientific ecosystem. Besides core Data Science and Machine Learning, He is also interested in tools that enable and enhance a data scientists' workflow and experience.

He has previously worked with:

  • INCF (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility) with Prof. Daniele Marinazzo where he published a python package known as rsHRF (available on pip and docker).

  • Last summer, he worked with with Mozilla with Michael Droettboom (the ex-lead developer of the matplotlib library). He developed a new backend renderer for matplotlib based on the APIs of HTML5 canvas element.

  • Based on this work, he was invited to San Francisco to work with Deepnote (YC-S19) with Jakub Jurovych (CEO, Forbes 30 under 30) and served as a technical consultant there.

  • Currently, he is working as a Scientific Software Development Engineer with QuantStack, Paris with Sylvain Corlay.

He has also been a speaker at the PyData Delhi Annual Conference twice, where he spoke about Building a binary adder with RNNs and the plotly dash framework. He also spoke at JupyterCon 2020 on XVega: A C++ backend for the Vega-Lite visualisation system.

A few other experiences also include working with Elucidata, TCS Research, Data Science for India, etc.


JupyterLite: Jupyter ❤️ WebAssembly ❤️ Python

Friday October 29 11:00 AM – Friday October 29 11:30 AM in Talks II