Friday October 29 11:00 AM – Friday October 29 11:30 AM in Talks II

JupyterLite: Jupyter ❤️ WebAssembly ❤️ Python

Jeremy Tuloup, Madhur Tandon, Martin Renou, Thorsten Beier

Prior knowledge:
No previous knowledge expected


JupyterLite is a JupyterLab distribution that runs entirely in the web browser, backed by in-browser language kernels including the WebAssembly powered Pyodide kernel.

JupyterLite enables data science and interactive computing with the PyData scientific stack, directly in the browser, without installing anything or running a server.


This will be a functional talk to present JupyterLite with concrete examples and live demos.

There is already good content and materials online, and a blog post has been published on the Jupyter blog

The structure of the presentation is as follows:

  • Introduction and history
  • Easy interactive computing in the browser
    • A lightweight Jupyter Frontend running in the browser
    • Boots in seconds
    • Deployment and scalability made easy
  • Features:
    • Pyolite: a WebAssembly powered Python kernel backed by Pyodide
    • Support for existing JupyterLab Extensions
    • IPython
    • Jupyter Widgets
    • Interactive visualizations
    • Multiple kernels
  • A wide range of use cases
    • Education: easy access to computing environment without the trouble of installing anything
    • Build your own static frontend
    • Reducing the load on public services like
  • A quick overview of the underlying architecture
    • Plugin-based as a Lumino application
    • Reuse existing JupyterLab extensions
    • New kernels can easily be developed and added as serverlite extensions
    • Fully powered by upstream JupyterLab and Pyodide projects
      • Support for Real Time Collaboration
      • Better support for filesystem operations
  • Up Next