Raghuram Thiagarajan

Dr. Raghuram Thiagarajan works as a Tire Simulation Engineer at Pratt and Miller. Pratt & Miller is a product development company that through technology and innovation solves customer's most technical and complex challenges in the motorsports, defense, and mobility industries. Dr. Thiagarajan contributes to better decision making in motorsports by developing interactive visualizations for complex physical models. This helps race engineers make quick decisions in modifying setups of vehicles to get a desired outcome with respect to vehicle performance. Dr. Thiagarajan works intensively on vehicle models for Driver in the Loop Simulator to recreate an actual motorsports vehicle feel in the Simulator. Under tremendous time constraints during practice, qualifying and race day, Dr. Thiagarajan's interactive visualizations assist key decision makers come to a decision quickly using interactive visualizations of physical systems.

Dr. Thiagarajan has developed numerical models to study various systems ranging from polymeric systems to biological systems during his PhD and Post-Doc education. Introduced computing on GPU architectures during his post-doc and reduced computation time from a few years to less than a week. Dr. Thiagarajan is a co-founder of miLEAD, a business strategy consulting group for high tech start ups. Led engagements, built relationships with Library and Tech Transfer offices and organized training seminars for new consultants as part of miLEAD.

Dr. Thiagarajan is passionate about utilizing visualizations to improve decision making, applying algorithms to real-world problems and high tech business development.


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