Friday 10:00–11:30 in Tutorial Room

Image Recognition DL WORKSHOP

Pipple, Maurice Peters

Audience level:


A DL workshop where we apply Deep Learning to satelite imagery.


Pipple will be presenting a workshop that will give the audience a hands-on tutorial focusing on deep learning. Deep-learning is part of the world’s most cutting edge technology that will undoubtedly impact human life in the upcoming years. It is used in driverless cars, voice assistance, facial recognition and even controversial topics like deepfakes. During the workshop the audience will be guided in the mathematics that is involved in this subset of machine learning and artificial intelligence, after which they will develop their own deep learning network by the use of a Jupyter Notebook tutorial. The goal of this tutorial is to classify roof shapes and materials of houses in an aerial image. A real-life use-case of how 510 (i.e. Data team of the Netherlands Red Cross) was able to improve damage assesment to improve humanitarian aid in disaster responses. After the tutorial, participants are encouraged to further improve their models during Friday/Saturday. The winning team will be made public on Saturday during the conference talks.

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