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Greenhouse is a brand & performance agency with over 500 experts in data, media, creative and tech. We love to work with brands that appreciate the skills, drive and vision we bring to the table. By investing in talent and good ideas since 2006, Greenhouse has evolved into the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial agency our clients ask for. Greenhouse, a WPP agency.




We make machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Our key technology is the lithography system, which brings together high-tech hardware and advanced software to control the chip manufacturing process. All of the world’s top chipmakers like Samsung, Intel and TSMC use our technology, enabling the waves of innovation that help tackle the world’s toughest challenges.




Established in 2009, GoDataDriven is on the forefront of Big Data innovation. The team consists of a unique combination of experienced Data Scientists, excellent Data Engineers, all with state-of-the-art know-how of technology. Team members of GoDataDriven are characterised by a natural curiosity, pragmatic approach, learning capacity and well-developed communication skills.

Whether it is search optimization for an e-retailer, predictive maintenance for a public transportation company, fraud detection for a bank or supply chain management for a production company; GoDataDriven’s Big Data solutions add to the bottom-line of any business.

We enjoy working closely with our clients of GoDataDriven include Wehkamp, Bol.com, KLM, ING, Rabobank, Bakkersland and NPO.

GoDataDriven is proudly part of Xebia Group.



Bol.com is the largest and most loved online retailer and -platform in the Netherlands and Belgium, and an exciting community for any data professional. From the store front to deep inside our back-ends, our data science teams solve one of the biggest challenges in data today: using data and applying ML at (bol.com) scale. We work in areas from streaming data to recommenders, forecasting and optimization - come see us in Eindhoven if you want to learn what we are learning!



Beat creates a new ride experience by connecting thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers in real-time 24/7. Beat is more than an app that takes you from A to B. Our mission is to become part of people’s life by making transportation in the city more affordable, convenient, efficient and safe, while providing economic opportunities to anyone. The company was founded in 2011 and is part of the FREE NOW group, the ride-hailing joint venture of BMW and Daimler. Beat is currently available in Greece, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, with plans to expand to more cities in Latin America, and has a Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in The Netherlands.




Pipple, data science with purpose

Pipple is the leading Dutch mathematical data science agency. We offer unexpected answers to complex questions in a world dominated by data. We thereby make a valuable and crystal clear contribution to both our customers and society. We do this in our own unique and energetic way.

At Pipple we are believers in the power of mathematics to contribute to a better world. That is why we also use our knowledge and solutions for NGO’s to make impact on society. We do this with an ambition to win the Nobel Prize for Data Science in 2025.

BigData Republic


BigData Republic is a multidisciplinary team of experienced Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects. These combined skill sets and competencies allows them to not only build predictive and prescriptive models, but also to engineer software in a tailor-made big data infrastructure that efficiently processes data, applies algorithms and exposes data-driven insights.

They offer four key services: 1) Use-case discovery: Creating awareness and identifying big data potential, 2) Data science as-a-service: Delivering actionable insights without the need of a big data infrastructure, 3) Integrated data solutions: Implementing embedded analytics; real-time, adaptable and scalable solutions, 4) Training & consultancy: Providing skills and knowledge, enabling you to create big data solutions.

Whether it is about increasing sales, reducing risks or optimizing processes – BigData Republic is the expert partner during the full transition to a data-driven organization.

D.S.A. Pattern (Student Association Partner)


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