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Erica Mason

Erica is a Lead Data Scientist at ThirdLove, an ecommerce intimates brand with offices in SanFrancisco and Chico, California, as well as Cordoba, Argentina. In her role, Erica hasspearheaded the integration of predictive modeling to inform marketing strategies andpersonalize the website experience for customers. With a background in Operations Research,Erica is passionate about matchmaking the outputs of classification and recommendationsystems with the needs of the business, using data to optimize all decision making​.​ Beforeworking at ThirdLove, Erica worked for Uber Eats and the MITRE Corporation.


Empowering Business partners to make model-based marketing decisions with Plotly Dash and CVXPy [EN]

Saturday 12:00 PM–12:45 PM in Auditorio UTN

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