Organizing Committee

Pablo Pérez De Angelis

Co/founder and CTO of TuQuejaSuma. Entrepreneur and NLP Engineer, his drive comes from solving complex problems, interdisciplinary work and people interaction.

Ariel Wolfmann

Lead data scientist en Rappi. Love to bridge the gap between Science and Business.

Milagro Teruel

Computer Science PhD student at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Researching on user modeling on educational data from online platforms. Passionate about education, never missing the chance to spread the magic of Machine Learning.

Renzo Bechler

Data Scientist at Mercado Libre.

Ariel Rossanigo

Data Scientist and Machine Learning independent consultant.

Osvaldo Martin

Researcher at CONICET PyMC, ArviZ, and Bambi developer.

Johanna Frau

PhD student in Mathematics and university teacher.

Seiyu Ricardo Higa Tamashiro

Software Engineer graduated from the National Technological University. Working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Rappi. Co-lead of a developers community supported by Developer Circles program from Facebook.

Luis Biedma

Chief Research Officer at Invera Argentina. PhD Student.

Cristian Cardellino

Freelancer and Assitant Professor at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. PhD in machine learning applied to natural language processing problems. Main research interest is the use of semi-supervised deep learning techniques for information extraction tasks.

Mauricio Mazuecos

PhD Student at FAMAF, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba working on visually-grounded dialogue.

Ignacio Puig Moreno

Business Development director & co-founder of

Program Committee

We thank specially to our Program Committee members, who helped us review the proposals and build a quality event for all.

  • Jorge Sanchez
  • Laura Alonso Alemany
  • Juan Cruz Rodríguez
  • Lucas Bernardi
  • Pablo Celayes
  • Gabriel Miretti
  • Ezequiel Orbe
  • Juan Pedro Fisanotti
  • Mariano Ferrero
  • Mariano Garagiola

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