Saturday 11:15 AM–12:00 PM in Auditorio UTN

A (Very Gentle) introduction to Quantum Computing [ES]

Rodolfo Bonnin

Audience level:


Quantum Computing is here and now, and its uses for solving real-world problems is getting nearer. This talk will help you to grasp the fundamental concepts and tools you need to start working in this amazing new field.


Quantum Computing is one of the most disruptive and fast-paced disciplines of the present time.

For Data Science practitioners, understanding the main elements of the new paradigm (Superposition, measurement, entanglement, Qubits, etc) can be a daunting task. In this talk, we will try to explain the main elements of the Quantum world, mapping from already known concepts from classical computing when possible.

The talk will focus on familiarizing the audience with the main elements of Quantum Information, Quantum Algorithms and how open source tools are laying the foundation of future data processing methods with quantum computers, supported with practical examples.

The outline of the talk is as follows:

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